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To many people, a home is done once you have a house up and running. To others, the presentation of the parking lot, the driveway and the lawn matters. As one of the most experienced paving companies in Newlands (over three decades of experience), we understand the need of tailoring your home to suit what you have in mind. We apply ourselves to training our staff in the skills of laying the best paving, be it on your driveway, poolside or on your garden walkways. With the skills gathered over these years, we are more than just pavers; in fact, we are consultants, professionals and authority that can you can rely on to make sensible paving-related decision.

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There are several paving Newlands alternatives. The most common methods are the tar paving technique, block, brick and rock applications. Each of these paving techniques is well suited to particular environments. Choosing your paving alternative well ensures that your overall surrounding décor merges seamlessly with the paving you lay down. In addition to this, each of the aforementioned alternatives has its own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, though brick paving is elegant and perfect for driveways although can be costly if the area is large and heavily used.

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Different paving companies in Newlands might offer the same solutions. However, the quality of service delivered and the job done creates a clear distinction between our competitors and us. Contact us today and book an appointment with our paving experts, give us a chance to help you realize your paving dream.